Guild Events

Have a look at the upcoming Guild events. There's also a Guild meeting happening near you soon, so contact us to find out where and pop along!

Annual Gathering 1 September 2018

This event, for many, is the highlight of their Guild year! Tickets will be available soon for the event in the Caird Hall to celebrate the life and work of the Guild..

Guild Week 2018 - 18 - 25 November

Guild Week 2018 promises to be another excellent opportunity to share all that is good about the Guild with your local congregation and community. Let us know if you have any special events planned. Special Guild Week materials will be with Guilds in August.

Guild Week Big Sing -

To be confirmed

Big Guild Carol Concert -

To be confirmed

130th Anniversary

This year is our 130th anniversary. We hope that many of you will be marking the year in some way with special events or activities. Please let us know if you are!

Office-bearer events

Council Conveners Conference - 31 May 2018

At this conference, led by the Guild's Leadership Team, a representative from every Presbyterial Council will attend to hear and discuss plans for the coming Guild session.

Project Co-ordinators Conference - 12 April 2018

This annual event, held for Project Co-ordinators, is an opportunity to meet with representatives from each of the six Guild projects and hear updates on how the Guild is helping each charity. This will be the first chance for people to meet with representatives of the projects that have been chosen for the 2018 - 21 project cycle. Full details will be posted to Project Co-ordinators ahead of the event.

Resource Co-ordinators Conference - 1 February 2018

This event, held for Resource Co-ordinators, is an opportunity to hear more about the exciting new resources we have for Guilds to use in 2018. There will also be workshops on local and social media. Full details will be posted to Resource Co-ordinators ahead of the event.