Partners in Support

Although they are often small and fragile, churches in priority areas are also key groups in tackling the causes and symptoms on poverty. In this area of work, the Priority Areas Committee supports churches to be as effective as possible in making a difference in their local community. Over the years, the Priority Areas Committee has sought to develop this work in partnership with others, , and in 2018 we worked with over 40 agencies within the Church and externally to deliver our programmes. Much of the work is supported by three organisations that the Committee has helped to establish.

These are our close partner agencies:


theGKexperience is a Youth Work Charity founded on the belief that young people are brilliant and that they all deserve the same opportunities in order to enable them to reach their potential. Youth workers and young leaders work together to support amazing young people facing challenges in their everyday lives.

Faith in Community Scotland

Faith in Community Scotland is an anti-poverty charity founded in 2005. It brings together a diverse team of people committed to change - local people living in Scotland's poorest communities, a team of dedicated staff and volunteers and a creative group of trustees drawn from different faith traditions. The work is undertaken through various different teams.

The Transformation Team and Faith in Community Dundee both provide support, advice and training to local churches and other faith groups in the poorest communities in Glasgow and Dundee; FiSCAF – Faiths in Scotland Community Action Fund provides a range of grants to faith groups tackling poverty in Scotland's most fragile urban and rural communities; Faith in Throughcare provides support to churches and other groups working with people returning from short-term prison sentences into Scotland's poorest communities.

The organisation also supports the work of the Poverty Truth Commission and is involved in various other specific pieces of work such as Tackling Sectarianism Together and Tackling Poverty Together.

The Poverty Truth Commission brings together some of Scotland's key civic leaders and people at the sharp end of poverty. They work to challenge poverty and to encourage effective ways of working and to bring about change. The Commission continues to operate with the core principle that the direct involvement of people who experience poverty must be central to any plans to eradicate it – 'Nothing About Us Without Us is For Us.'

Read their latest report here.

For further information please visit the website and follow them on Twitter.

WEvolution – turning communities around

WEvolution (formerly known as Passage from India) is a Scottish Charity which works alongside people from disadvantaged backgrounds and their aspirations for a better life for themselves, their families and communities. Bringing people together in its Self-Reliant Groups (SRGs), WEvolution promotes a way of working alongside communities that is based on trust, self-governance and collective endeavour towards entrepreunership. Although well established in other parts of the world, it is a new way of working with people, especially women, in Scotland.

Read their latest report here.

For more information, visit the WEvolution website and follow their social media accounts; Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and their Etsy shop.