Developing new models of church life

Many parts of the Church in Western Europe are in decline and nowhere is this decline sharper than in the poorest communities. In this area of work, the Priority Areas Committee supports a range of activities which are designed to help local Christians and congregations to share the Gospel in more appropriate and inspirational ways resulting in growth and deepening of faith.


Our church buildings which have the potential to be one of our great assets are, frequently, one of our greatest problems. Working with others we are trying to change this. One of our projects, Chance to Thrive, is helping communities to see how their community could thrive.

Find out more in the Chance to Thrive Annual Reports

Chance to Thrive 2012 Annual Reports

Chance to Thrive 2013 Annual Reports

Watch the Chance to Thrive video; a Church of Scotland partnership regeneration programme.

Visit the Carnegie Trust Chance to Thrive website.

Priority Areas have also produced 'Letting it happen!', a handbook for priority area parishes (and the wider church) to help them manage and develop the use of their buildings.


Leadership has been emerging over the last few years as a critical area of work within priority areas. In 2010 we developed a Leadership Strategy for Priority Areas in order to more clearly define the kind of leadership we want to support and develop.

You can read the Leadership Strategy here.

Key areas of work currently being undertaken include Coaching, Training and Formation and the Women’s Leadership Network.

theGKexperience ‘Young Team’ young leaders programme gives young people from Priority Areas an opportunity work alongside other young people to grow in an intensive community of leadership- supporting youth work, each other and training and developing as leaders.

Collaborating for change

A team mentoring programme focused on equipping staff and volunteer teams with skills and inner resources to respond to the challenges inherent in ministry in priority areas. The programme enables participants to support each other and develop a common language around team dynamics, self-care and the practice of authentic dialogue.


The development of worship in priority areas is an increasingly important focus of our work which is supported in a number of different ways, including Weaving Worship, Healing Ministries and Unlock Glasgow.

Read more about Worship, Health and Healing in Priority Areas here.

Priority Areas family holiday

For the past number of years, priority areas has hosted a holiday for families from some of Scotland’s poorest communities who would not normally be able to afford a break. The holiday has given families the opportunity to relax and enjoy quality time together, to have fun away from their daily struggles with others who understand their situation. Most recently we have taken families to Iona which has been hosted in partnership with the Iona Community.