Whilst there is a great deal of talk about the problem of poverty the real problem is one of wealth and our inability to share justly. In this area of work, the Priority Areas Committee supports a range of initiatives which help people struggling against poverty to be heard and organise themselves. It also encourages the sharing of knowledge and resources between wealthy and poor parishes.

Anti-Poverty Networks

Priority Areas continues to work with a wide range of partners, including the Poverty Alliance, the Scottish Churches Parliamentary Office and the Church and Society Council, to ensure that people in poverty do not suffer unjustly, particularly in the light of extensive public sector cuts.

Poverty Truth Commission

The Poverty Truth Commission brings together some of Scotland's key civic leaders and people at the sharp end of poverty. They work to challenge poverty and to encourage effective ways of working and to bring about change. The Commission continues to operate with the core principle that the direct involvement of people who experience poverty must be central to any plans to eradicate it – 'Nothing About Us Without Us is For Us.'