The Priority Areas Committee is one of the main areas of the Ministries Council. It is responsible for the support, development and co-ordination of the Church’s work within its poorest communities.


'priority for the poorest and the most marginalised is the gospel imperative facing the whole Church, not just the Church in the poorest places'


'a reinvigorated and sustainable worshipping people and community life in all priority area parishes'

Core principles

  • Priority must mean priority
  • Accountability to the local
  • Partnership is the only way
  • Priority areas are good places to be



  • We need to sort out the problem of buildings
  • Our structures and processes need to be simplified
  • We want to take our work right to the margins
  • Worship must be at the heart of what we do
  • We want to tackle causes not just symptoms
  • We need to be intentional about supporting leaders
  • The time is right to extend our support

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