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The Priority Areas Committee is responsible for the support, development and coordination of the Church's work within its poorest 65 communities. Find out more about their mandate, vision and priorities.

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Developing new models of church life

Many parts of the Church in Western Europe are in decline and nowhere is this decline sharper than in the poorest communities. In this area of work, the Priority Areas Committee supports a range of activities which are designed to help local Christians and congregations to share the Gospel in more appropriate and inspirational ways resulting in growth and deepening of faith.

Engaging the wider church and society

Whilst there is a great deal of talk about 'the problem of poverty' the real problem is one of wealth and our inability to share justly. The Priority Areas Committee supports a range of initiatives which help people struggling against poverty to be heard and organise themselves. It also encourages the sharing of knowledge and resources between wealthy and poor parishes.


Developing new models of community

Although they are often small and fragile, churches in priority areas are often key groups in tackling the causes and symptoms on poverty. In this area of work, the Priority Areas Committee supports churches to be as effective as possible in making a difference in their local community.


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