What kind of people become ministers

All sorts of very different people are selected and trained for ministry in the Church of Scotland. Read some of their stories below.

  • Cheryl Mckeller

    Cheryl McKellar Young

    Cheryl first sensed a call while living the dream life abroad
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  • \Lynsey

    Lynsey Brennan

    Within months of becoming a Christian, Lynsey felt a call to ministry
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  • Rhona McDonald

    Rhona McDonald

    Rhona's job in a supermarket seemed perfect. But God had other ideas
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  • Scott McRoberts

    Scott McRoberts

    Scott studied divinity, but he didn't see it necessarily leading to a dog collar.
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  • Andrew Kimmitt

    Andrew Kimmitt

    Andrew finally found a way to explore the 'Big Questions' that really interested him…
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