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Understanding Civil Law and the Church

An informative and highly engaging conference which shall explore and explain how the Law and the Church come together to form a successful yet challenging partnership. The conference will feature talks by Marjory MacLean, Jennifer Hamilton, Jennifer Campbell, Mary Macleod, and Janette Wilson.

Prayer Retreat for Ministers

An opportunity for retreat wrapped in prayer, held in silence, clasped in scripture and enriched by community. Two days for us to find our own space, create, reflect, share one-to-one prayer, travel a labyrinth, be artistic and in amongst it all find ourselves and each other traveling together.

Growing Through Conflict

Conflict is part of life. Our churches and faith groups face change, encounter difference and can struggle to manage conflict which can be both creative and destructive. Our vision is for a world where people embrace the transformational potential of conflict and nurture the art of peacebuilding.