Ministries Council

The remit of the Ministries Council is the enabling of ministries in every part of Scotland, giving special priority to the poorest and most marginalized, through the recruitment, training and support of recognised ministries of the Church and the assessment and monitoring of patterns of deployment of those ministries.

In the fulfilment of this remit, the Council offers strategic leadership in the development of patterns of collaborative ministry which enable the Church of Scotland to be effective in its missionary calling and faithful in its participation in the one ministry of Jesus Christ, and operates within the following spheres of work.

Education and support

Ministries Council is responsible for the development and oversight of policy in relation to Vocation and the Discernment Process, together with the Admission and Readmission of ministers. It supervises those in training and makes recommendations on suitability for training. For all recognised ministries, it also implements Council policies on pastoral care and promotes development opportunities, including study leave and accompanied review.

Partnership development

The Partnership Development section of the Ministries Council nurtures and reviews strategic relationships with Presbyteries and other stakeholders, while communicating effectively and appropriately in partnership

Priority Areas

The Priority Areas Committee is responsible for the support, development and coordination of the Church's work within its poorest 56 communities.