Resourcing Mission

Resourcing Mission is the mission based resource website by our Mission and Discipleship Council. It includes the resources listed below as well as a shop to buy tickets and products.

Starters for Sunday

Starters for Sunday offers a range of suggested material which can be used each week for individuals and congregations.

Different voices

Different voices

Different Voices is a quarterly magazine about church music in Scotland. It is for all those who sing in choirs, congregations and praise groups, play organs or other instruments, and all who plan, lead and choose music and hymns for worship.


National Youth Assembly

The National Youth Assembly is an annual residential event for young adults aged between 17 and 25 that have some connection with the Church of Scotland. Attracting folk from all over Scotland with different backgrounds it’s a chance to get together, worship together, learn together, discuss together and party together.


Church Art and Architecture

The Mission and Discipleship Council's Committee on Church Art and Architecture advises and regulates the development of buildings to meet new needs and circumstances in partnership with the General Trustees.