Journeying Together through Lent

With much division and uncertainty nationally and globally, Lent may seem like an even harsher wilderness through which to journey this year. In such times, we choose not to journey alone but in partnership.

Church of Scotland and Christian Aid have developed a range of resources for congregations, families and individuals as we move towards Easter.

“Were you there?”

This year, the Church of Scotland and Christian Aid will journey together through Lent with the words of the song ‘When I needed a neighbour, were you there?’ ringing in our ears.

‘Were you there?’, written by Sydney Carter for Christian Aid in 1965, resonates throughout Lent and Easter. Lent is a time for us to contemplate who and whose we are. It is a time to reflect on how we live out our Christian faith. It is a time to consider how we follow Jesus to a radical hospitality and sacrificial love that breaks down barriers, builds bridges and demands justice for those who live in poverty.