Starpoint Festival Hungary: Hannah Pickles

The visit to Hungary was with my fellow Scot, Nicola Whyte. We went to the Csillagpont Festival which was for Christians from all over Hungary. The plan was to camp but the rain was so bad that we ended up sleeping on the floor inside for the week. Despite the weather being bad, we battled through to enjoy the weeks events. The event was free-flowing so that you could experience the festival, there were different stalls, performances, seminars, worship times and concerts. There were 3 things I enjoyed greatly about the trip and they were a group who were on the autistic spectrum and they sung and danced - fantastic - I enjoyed an acapella concert and meeting young people from Hungary but also from across the globe. It was a great experience which allowed us to see the culture of Hungary and experience a faith journey with them. If there was a possibility of linking up further with the youth office in Hungary, I am sure they would be very much obliged to link up with us and then invite them to next years youth assembly to talk about their work.

Thank you again for this experience, and I attach a couple of pictures from the event, one of the main stage and one of all the foreign visitors.