Czech Republic 2012: John Urquart

Background & Purpose of Visit

The Camp is set up by young Czech Christians for other young Christians from all over the world. The camp is based in the Vrchlabi region of the Czech Republic, which is a remote mountainous area. This year there were a variety of Nationalities including: Czech, German Polish, American and Scottish, people, although the camp was an English speaking camp the langue was mostly Czech for the non timetabled activities and English for those whose first langue was not Czech. The purpose of the visit was to see how other young Christians live in similar situations in Europe.

Brief Description of the Programmed Events

This year the Kamp’s main theme was - What would happen If? The usual day started off with breakfast followed by a talk by either a guest speaker of one of the leaders of the camp. This was usually on the day’s main theme, which was then tied into a bible story. After this we would break up into groups and discus the topic, we would usually have a main area of the topic to discus as the topics were quiet broad. We would then gather as a camp and share our thoughts and findings about our specific area with the rest of the camp. Following this we would have lunch and after that it was time for a sports activity which was also tied into the day’s theme. These generally took place in the woods although on the last day of camp we had a mini Olympics in the grounds of the camp. Subsequently we would have a break followed by voluntary work which was mostly either gardening or cleaning. After that we would have dinner followed by free time which most people spent on the internet, singing, walking to the small shop or in the games room or out on the trampoline. To end the day we would have a time for reflection after that we had a choice of watch a movie, free time activities or bed.



My main highlights of the trip were the days trek up the highest mountain in the Czech Republic. I also enjoyed meeting new people who I have kept in contact with since the trip. In addition I enjoyed the service on Sunday where the only point I didn’t need my translation was when the minister said Scotland and thank you!

Memorable story/encounter/conversation

I have many memorable conversations which I could share although my main memory is that everyone in the camp was very friendly and although some of them did not speak fluent English they always found ways of communicating with people who did not speak Czech. We had great times trying to teach one and other Czech, German, Polish