Paid employment


Increasing numbers of churches are employing part time of full time paid workers to work with children, young people, families and community. Before considering employing a full time worker – explore your vision for working with children and young people. The Learn: How will our Children Have Faith publication can help a church to think through a church’s vision for their children and youth work and how to develop and grow this.

The Church of Scotland has written Guidelines for Employing a Children’s, Family’s or Youth Worker. This Guide looks at the following key areas: Motivation and Vision; Recruitment Process; Making it Marvellous and Keeping it Great. It has been written from the perspective that as God’s people, the church is called to be the best it can be in loving God and loving each other. This often involves a motivation, set of values and way of working that may be different from secular employees, while conforming to legal requirements. Employment is a form of partnership. Just as the youth worker will have expectations of its employer, the employer will have expectations of its youth worker. This guide is focused on ensuring that you as the employer make the best preparations and you give the best support to a paid worker.
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