Holiday Clubs

A Holiday Club is a great mission opportunity and offers an exciting time for team members of all ages and stages to grow in faith, fellowship and service! Holiday and midweek clubs can be an effective programme to engage with children mid-week or during the holidays. They take a lot of effort and volunteers and planning but can be very rewarding. Some Clubs are run for church going children and others are run as an outreach opportunity to connect with children in the local community.

  • Full blown weeks with a final Sunday Service
  • Half-day sessions over a number of days
  • One day sessions over a number of weeks
  • One-off days preparing for a feast or festival
  • Fun days focussed on a theme

Holiday Clubs can be a lot of fun but also a lot of work and need an active and engaged team of people to pull them off. It is also worth thinking about keeping the momentum going in your community all year round, and making sure your helper team keeps growing. But what about the other 51 weeks (98%) of the year? Surely there is more to do than simply recover from the last one and get ready for next year? We’ll explore together some suggestions for video.

This six minute video gives you an understanding of how a Scripture Union Holiday Club will provide you with a vital tool to connect with children and families in your local community. Featuring CBeebies presenter Gemma Hunt and renowned storyteller Bob Hartman, who front the Holiday Club, Mega Makers materials!

Here are some of the published resources currently available:

Holiday Club Programmes


World Mission

World Mission have developed Professor Potty’s Time Travellers Tales - a journey of discovery through the Bible and around the world, meeting people and hearing their stories as we go. Over the course of the week, the children will be introduced to different Bible characters and people from the World Church that will help them to learn from and explore the themes of: Caring for the World, Giving, Friendship, Health and how Jesus is for everyone.

Professor Potty's Time Traveller's Tales


We're going on Journey - four flexible sessions of drama, prayers and activities.


Has a range of holiday club titles available as PDF Downloads, many with accompanying music

Scripture Union

Has a large range of Holiday Club programmes


Now You're Talking Holiday Club material