News and events


Munro challenge: reach a summit, raise money for Christian Aid

23 April, 2015

The Moderator of the General Assembly has called on the Church to get behind a major fundraising drive for Christian Aid by signing up to his Munro challenge.


CrossReach Golf day fundraising success

22 April, 2015

Over £5000 was raised to help young people overcome traumatic experiences, parental substance misuse and poverty at the Moderator's Golf Challenge in East Lothian.


Church invites congregations to take part in major survey

9 April, 2015

The Church of Scotland is launching a major survey to understand the size and impact of its congregations in parishes the length and breadth of Scotland.


Moderator's Easter message

2 April, 2015

Read the Moderator of the General Assembly's Easter message.


Skye’s new minister seeks to inspire

1 April, 2015

Skye's new minister says he aims to inspire parishes across Scotland to create self-sustaining worship models to stimulate ministry across the country.


Go For It Funding – A Week of Inspiration

1 April, 2015

The Church of Scotland's Go For It Fund gives away over a million pounds each year to encourage and support imaginative projects in local communities.


Church to honour father of modern physics

27 March, 2015

The Moderator of the General Assembly held a unique light baton in tribute to the legendary scientist and Kirk elder James Clerk Maxwell, who is being honoured at this year's Edinburgh Science Festival with a special concert organised by the Church.


Kirk says Scotland is failing its young people

26 March, 2015

The Church of Scotland is concerned a new report on poverty and social inclusion in Scotland shows a worrying level of neglect for the country's young people.


Ministry to children and young people promoted at conference

25 March, 2015

A new format for an event exploring how to nurture young people within the Church has proved popular. Find out why.