Ministers take to bikes in aid of Malawi partners

Aberdeen Malawi Bikeathon
Pictured on bikes (from left) are: Rev Dr Robert Smith, Rubislaw Church; Rev Dr John Ferguson, Peterculter Church and Aberdeen City Presbytery Clerk; Rev Markus Auffermann, Woodside Church; Rev Sarah Nicol, Midstocket Church; Rev Elsie Fortune, St Mary's Church; Rev Duncan Eddie, Holburn West Church and Aberdeen City Presbytery Moderator; Rev Peter Johnston, Ferryhill Church.

A group of Aberdeen ministers are taking to their bikes for the first leg of the Aberdeen to Malawi Bikeathon in an effort to raise money to support rural congregations in Blantyre, Malawi.

The ministers will encourage church members in each of their congregations to ride a total of 12,000 miles—the distance between Aberdeen and Malawi. The cyclistscan ride their share of miles on any type of bike, from stationary exercise bikes to high-speed racing models.

Each congregation has a special connection with a congregation in Malawi through a twinning programme run by the Church of Scotland's World Mission Council.

"The Blantyre congregations have great needs for things such as sheets of iron to repair church buildings, orphanages and homes which have been damaged by flooding or are just falling down," said Rev Dr Robert L Smith Jr, the minister at Rubislaw Parish Church, Church of Scotland, and the Convenerof the Aberdeen—Malawi Partnership Committee.

The people also need food, clothing and bedding.

"Last week I spoke with the Rev Baxton Maulidi, the Presbytery Clerk in Blantyre City and he explained that recent floods, repeated devaluation of their currency and crushing poverty mean life is very difficult for people in the region.

"Our goal is to raise as much money as possible for them."

Learn more about the World Mission Twinning programme here.