Lent - a season for making changes

The season of Lent is part of the Church Calendar for focusing our worship in a particular way. It lasts for approximately for six weeks and leads up to Easter. It is practiced in different ways throughout Christianity but the intention of such a season is captured by Rev. Roddy Hamilton, the minister of Bearsden: New Kilpatrick, when he says in the Starters for Sunday worship resource, “Lent …. is the unique opportunity to enter a short season where we might be able to responding in a new way to the world.”

He continues, “Many psychologists suggest 6 weeks is the ideal length of time to break a habit and pick up a new one. It is as if God invented Lent specifically to give ourselves the perfect chance of renewal and transformation.”

One habit that we can pick up is to pray for the transformation of our fragile world whether that is the political unrest and tensions in the Ukraine or the uncertainty over the future of Syria. Prayer is a teachable habit expressed in the humble request of Jesus’ first followers: “Teach us to pray”. Prayer, when practiced regularly as a habit, helps us reflect and consider the needs of others. It helps us to be in that place to listen and respond to others. May our prayer be that government leaders will also be in that place to respond to the needs of others.

There are plenty of resources available other than Starters for Sunday that help us consider others during the season of Lent. If you are looking for a study resource we recommend Churches Together, Britain and Ireland’s Parables and Possessions on the use of money and purposes of economic activity.

May we find the road that leads to life;
may we take the turns that brings right relationships;
may we pause to accompany others on the way;
and may we journey with God through Lent,
and long for the horizon and dawn.
Prayer for Starters for Sunday 9th March 2014