Inspiring walk the John Muir Way

Trevor Jamison

The chaplain for Scotland’s fastest growing ecological organisation is to tackle the newly opened John Muir Way walking route this weekend in an attempt to highlight Christian commitment to nurturing the environment.

Rev Trevor Jamison is a chaplain to Eco-Congregation Scotland which is an ecumenical charity supported by the Church of Scotland helping congregations link their faith to environmental care.

John Muir was a 19th Century conservationist, author and one of the first environmental activists to emerge in the United States when living there, although he was born in Dunbar in Scotland.

His love of the environment emanated from deeply held Christian beliefs.

The John Muir Way opened in April this year and runs between Helensburgh and Dunbar.

Mr Jamison said his walk, which will take six days, was a tribute to the connection between Christianity and the world we live in.

He added: “By walking the John Muir Way, I want to say that John Muir’s concern for the environment is one that Christians share today.

“I also want to encourage Christians to find language about creation that both reflects our beliefs and also speaks effectively to others who share our concerns, but are reluctant to identify themselves as church people.”

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