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Church leaders in quest for peace summit in Edinburgh

World Church leaders have met in Edinburgh to discuss plans to rid the world of nuclear weapons.

Moderator's Armistice Day reflection

Today, Armistice Day, is the 11th day of the 11th month 2011 and millions of people from across the UK are expected to observe a two-minute silence. See the reflection from Right Reverend David Arnott, The Moderator of the General Assembly...


Young Scots chance to win medal in Church's Olympics competition

Young Scots have the chance to “go for gold” this year with the Church of Scotland as the Kirk launches a new schools prize competition to coincide with the London 2012 Olympics.

Moderator's thoughts after Assisi

The Moderator’s thoughts post his recent trip to Assisi. 

Church urges MSPs to include free speech clause in anti-sectarian bill

The Church of Scotland has reaffirmed its absolute commitment to challenging sectarianism in Scottish communities both locally and nationally.

Moderator’s hopes of the 'Spirit of Assisi'

The Church of Scotland's Moderator the Right Reverend David Arnott joined some 300 religious leaders representing a rainbow of faiths to the hilltop town of Assisi to commemorate the 25th anniversary on Thursday of a daylong prayer for peace by Pope John Paul II.

Solar Panellists to help churches be purged of carbon sins

The Church of Scotland in partnership with Eco-Congregation Scotland is hosting a conference on solar power to help congregations become beacons of environmental sustainability.

Church of Scotland announces Moderator - Designate for 2012

The founder of an international interdenominational charity that helps street children has been chosen to be the next Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.

The Moderator on a Chance to Thrive

An opinion piece from the Moderator of the General Assembly of The Church of Scotland, Right Reverend David Arnott on a Chance to Thrive.

Church offers communities the chance to thrive

The Church of Scotland has launched a radical partnership regeneration programme in some of the country’s poorest areas.

Aberdeen church to undergo £1.5 million revamp

The largest Church of Scotland congregation in Aberdeen is set to see their church being transformed, with a community extension and revamp of existing halls planned.

Pray it forward

Pray it forward is a new resource from the Mission and Discipleship Council that aims to help individuals and congregations find ways of talking to and about God.

CrossReach announces residential schools study

Scotland's largest voluntary social care organisation has announced a five-year joint study with Strathclyde University into the effectiveness of residential schools for vulnerable youngsters.

Former university lecturer in Kirk first

A former university lecturer will be ordained tomorrow (Friday) as the first of the Church of Scotland’s new pioneering type of ministers. 

Pray now!

Pray Now is a popular annual collection of modern prayers for all, whatever their denomination - by individuals, prayer groups and leaders of worship. It offers a place to start when you feel you have no words of your own.

Moderator meets children of soldiers serving in Afghanistan on school visit

The Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland will meet children and staff at Colinton Primary School on Friday, 30 September 2011.

Press release: Church leaders meeting to home in on government 2012 homelessness pledge

Senior Church of Scotland leaders have teamed up with a housing charity to assess the progress made by the Scottish Government to eradicate homelessness.

Press release: Kirk's plea to government to bring our troops home

A Church leader has used the UN International Day for Peace to repeat calls on the government by the Church of Scotland’s General Assembly to take immediate steps to bring the troops home from Afghanistan.

9/11 message from the Moderator

Ten years on since the attack on the Twin Towers we live in a much changed world. The old securities we once relied on now seem to have gone.

Press release: Perth prison visitor centre handed funding boost

An-acclaimed prison visitor centre making a difference to the lives of thousands of families in Scotland has been handed a major cash boost by the Church of Scotland Guild.