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Church moves to combat metal theft after sharp rise in incidents

Organised thieves are stripping thousands of pounds worth of metal from Scotland’s churches to sell on the black market.

Church calls for culture change in our attitude to paying tax

A senior Church of Scotland minister has called for a culture change for people to accept that paying taxes can be a public good.

The Moderator visited the Presbytery of Europe

The Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, the Right Reverend David Arnott, recently returned from visiting the Presbytery of Europe where he attended a meeting focusing on mission and a shared vision of the future.

Moderator’s tribute to Archbishop of Canterbury

The Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland paid tribute to the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams who announced today he is to stand down in December.

CrossReach sponsors major Scottish Social Impact Bonds conference

A new funding vehicle could help target the social ills which blight communities across Scotland.

Independence debate must be about real issues

The Church of Scotland has stated that the debate on Scotland’s constitutional future must be about the real issues affecting the country rather than focusing solely on the transfer of power.

Church of Scotland calls for release of Christian prisoner

The Church of Scotland has reaffirmed its support for the campaign to secure the release of a Christian woman held under Pakistan’s Blasphemy Law.

Glasgow women get self-reliant with plans for first church-based laundry

A GROUP of women from one of Scotland's most deprived housing schemes are planning the first church-based laundry following an inspirational trip to India.

Church of Scotland welcomes funding pledge for 'Scottish Embassy in London'

The Church of Scotland and the Scottish Government have joined forces to safeguard the future of a charity that provides crucial support for homeless Scots living in London.

Church calls for ‘living wage’ for all Scots

The Church of Scotland has called for the introduction of a living wage for all workers as MSPs prepare to debate the issue.

CrossReach joins The Gathering at SECC

Scotland's largest social care provider CrossReach returns to the SECC, Glasgow, for The Gathering, an event bringing together all parts of the third sector.

Former Moderator challenges Hague over Malawi

The Church of Scotland has written to William Hague the Foreign Secretary asking for a meeting to discuss the UK’s relationship with Malawi.

Guild announces new National and Vice-Convener

At the February meeting of the Church of Scotland Guild’s National Executive Committee, it was announced that Mary Ford from Glasgow North Presbytery Council, is to be the incoming National Convener of the Guild.

Church report calls for a radical reassessment of the purposes of economic activity

A new Church of Scotland report will call for a radical reassessment of the purposes of economic activity which puts the interests of the poor first.

Moderator in Afghanistan

Right Reverend David Arnott, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland has just returned from a brief visit to Afghanistan.

Moderator urges First Minister to reconsider cuts in funding to homelessness charity

The Church of Scotland’s Moderator has written to all congregations asking them to raise at least £100 each to help a charity for homeless Scots following the loss of Scottish Government backing.

Moderator and Christian Leaders meet Palestinian President

The Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, the Right Reverend David Arnott and representatives from Christian Churches met with Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, yesterday afternoon in London.

Church supports cyclists telling Scottish government to 'get on yer bike'

The Church of Scotland and Eco-Congregation supported Scottish cyclists gathering outside St Andrews House in Edinburgh to call on the Scottish Government to invest in cycling and walking and low carbon transport, and fully fund their own plans to meet Scotland's climate change targets.

The sun hasn’t yet set on solar energy says Church

The Church of Scotland has said it is not happy with the way a consultation into feed-in tariffs has been carried out.

Joint nativity shows red card to sectarianism

Most nativity plays usually feature the local Sunday school, but this year a Church of Scotland minister and Roman Catholic priest have enlisted the help of police officers, fire fighters, council leaders and even the Kilmarnock football team.