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Go For It gives out another half a million pounds Scotland-wide

The Church of Scotland’s innovative and exciting ‘Go For It’ fund has just given out another half a million pounds in grants.

Moderator makes her mark on history

The Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland the Right Rev Lorna Hood had a role in history when she attended the special commemorative service at London’s Westminster Abbey to mark the 60th Anniversary of the Queen’s Coronation.

Debt after death? Church calls for investigation into the rising cost of dying

The Church of Scotland has agreed to investigate the increasing costs of holding funerals.

Church issues urgent call for action to tackle climate change

The Church of Scotland issued an urgent call to tackle climate change.

A new approach to human rights

The Church and Society Council called for a refreshed approach to human rights in a report from presented to the General Assembly.

Church debated revised Inheritance of Abraham report

Presenting the report was Rev Sally Foster-Fulton, Convener of the Church and Society Council.


Church urges no evictions because of so-called bedroom tax

The Church of Scotland has urged that people should not be evicted from their homes because of the new changes to benefit regulations, the so-called ‘bedroom tax’.

People should not go hungry as Church tackles corporate greed

The Church has launched another stinging attack on corporate greed and tax dodging multi-national companies which exploit the poor and perpetrate myths about poverty.

Elder applauded for impassioned speech against deadly tobacco

An Elder was applauded for impassioned speech against 'deadly' tobacco.

Church to run independence debates across Scotland

Church leaders are planning open forums in church and community halls so that Scots can take part in a root and branch review of the kind of Scotland they want.

Iona Community tackles perceived stigma of poverty

The Iona Community has continued its vital work in tackling poverty as it enters its 75th anniversary and the 1450th anniversary of Columba’s landing on the island.

Moderator’s prayers for Woolwich victim

The Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland has led the gathering in prayers for the victim of the alleged Woolwich terrorist attack.


Church tackles digital divide

The Church of Scotland is totally switched on and committed to tackling the digital divide.

Youth Moderator makes plea against domestic violence

Speaking to the General Assembly this afternoon, the Moderator of the National Youth Assembly, Euan Patterson, urged all male delegates to support the White Ribbon Campaign against domestic violence.

Pay increase unlikely for Ministers in 2014 as Church promises salary review

The General Assembly of the Church of Scotland has reluctantly accepted that in the present financial climate there is unlikely to be much of a pay increase for ministers in 2014.


Staff accept new working conditions - jobs and money saved

All Presbytery and Parish workers for the Church of Scotland have accepted changes to their working conditions, which will save saving the organisation £500,000 a year when they are fully implemented by 2016.

Church seeks younger Ministers

The Church of Scotland has put a call out for younger people to take up the calling for Ministry.

General Assembly urged to Go For It

The General Assembly of the Church of Scotland has been urged to help communities Go For It!

‘Here I am Lord. Send me!’: Celebrating the contribution of the Diaconate

The Church of Scotland’s Ministries Council has today called for the recruitment of more Deacons. It also gave thanks for and affirmed the distinctive ministry of the Diaconate. 

HM Forces Assembly report dedicated to Gen. Sir Michael Gow

Church of Scotland chaplains have continued to provide pastoral care and support for the servicemen and women in Afghanistan and other parts of the world as well as their families back home.