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North East Glasgow investment set to reap rewards

31 March, 2014

A husband and wife duo from the United States, via the Middle East, have brought their pioneering spirit to the North East of Glasgow which has seen a run-down church building transform into an innovative ...

Church joins in worldwide Earth Hour

28 March, 2014

The Church of Scotland is part of a global event tomorrow night when millions of people switch off lights in homes, offices and famous landmarks at 8.30pm local time for an hour to mark World ...

Learning to be hopeful

28 March, 2014

Priority Areas Secretary Martin Johnstone strives to see the best in people for Lent.

Lent reflections

25 March, 2014

Mrs Sandra McNicol, member of Maxwell Mearns Castle Church, Glasgow and Mr Andrew Kimmitt, member of Coldside Parish, Dundee gives their thoughts on Lent.

Church explores fracking position

25 March, 2014

The Church of Scotland’s attempts at unearthing a position on fracking took a step forward recently when Cadzow Church Hall hosted a discussion on the issue.

Church of Scotland in London hosts referendum debate

24 March, 2014

The Church of Scotland’s support for independence debate will cross into England tomorrow when St Columba’s Church in London hosts a discussion involving key figures with interests in Scotland.

Moderator-Designate withdraws due to ill health

18 March, 2014

The Church of Scotland today expresses great regret that the Rev Dr Angus Morrison has health issues and, following medical advice, has had to withdraw from the position of Moderator-Designate for the 2014 General Assembly. ...

Striking a Chord

7 March, 2014

The Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland was promoted to the role of ‘handbell number four’ in an open session of the Big Noise Music group this week.

Lent - a season for making changes

5 March, 2014

The season of Lent is part of the Church Calendar for focusing our worship in a particular way. It lasts for approximately for six weeks and leads up to Easter.

New report confirms success of Chance to Thrive project

26 February, 2014

Chance to Thrive is a five year long project funded by the Kirk’s General Trustees and Ministries Council. It supports and mentors eight congregations who live in some of the poorest parishes in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, ...

Moderator visits scene of genocide

21 February, 2014

In the midst of the bloody Bosnian war, the UN designated Srebrenica a protected safe haven. Thousands flocked there. Somehow this "safe" UN base was to become the scene of the largest massacre on European ...