Scottish Magazine Awards recognises Learn Eldership as among best in the nation

Learn award

The Learn Eldership publication was recognised in the Scottish Magazine Awards 2015 in the 'Innovation' category, held 16 December.

It was one of six publications selected for the category, in which judges looked for publications that had broken with tradition and demonstrated: evidence of thought leadership and strategy; evidence of increase in circulation, engagement, readership etc; innovative functionality; and high quality execution to improve engagement with a new or existing audience.

Peter Houston, publishing consultant and vice-chair of the judges thanked all the entrants and said that the event gathers together the crème-de-la crème of Scottish magazines.

Ron Clark, Team Leader for Congregational Learning with the Mission and Discipleship Council, attended the event with Chris Flexen, Design Team Lead. Ron said:

"With over 7800 copies purchased to date since its launch in the autumn of 2014, Learn Eldership has certainly been making an impression with those at the heart of our work – those in our congregations seeking learning and development provision.

"In the end Learn Eldership didn't pick up an award but it was great to see a Church of Scotland publication being recognised amongst other leading Scottish publications."

The publication was short listed from 160 entries for nomination in one of 20 award categories.

Particular note was made by one of the presenters at the unprecedented number, nine, of new publications that had surfaced at the 2015 awards which suggests the continuing value put on the medium of paper for those who want to engage with the written word.