Learn resource is a game changer for the Kirk

David Plews, John Chalmers and Chris Flexen
Learn Editor David Plews, Right Reverend John Chalmers, and Senior Graphic Designer Chris Flexen.

The Church of Scotland has launched Learn Eldership a publication produced by the Kirk's Mission and Discipleship Council.

An initial print run of 1,000 copies of the book sold out before they had left the printers. Now with over 4,000 advance sales Learn Eldership has become the equivalent of a bestseller following the final version released this week.

The aim of Learn is to encourage, inspire and motivate the church's 32,000 elders in over 1,300 congregations across Scotland. The 74-page book includes articles from academics such as Professor John Swinton and Professor Paul Nimmo, both from the University of Aberdeen.

Right Reverend John Chalmers, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, hailed the publication as a 'game changer' for the Church of Scotland.

Mr Chalmers said: 'This publication proves beyond any doubt that the Church of Scotland means business. Anyone reading the articles in Learn will know for sure that the Church of Scotland is a broad church which means to connect with the whole people of Scotland and anyone who reads Learn will gain a wealth of understanding about who we really are. It is like an open portal into the fullness of the Church's life. If we read it carefully and mark it well it could become a real game changer.'

The stories featured in Learn showcase the quality and richness of the Church of Scotland and its membership.

David Plews, Learn's editor said it had exceeded expectations and has been welcomed by people throughout the Church of Scotland.

Senior Graphic Designer, Chris Flexen, said they had set to encourage in readers a sense of belonging.