Eldership resource is a bestseller

The Learn Eldership resource written by the Mission and Discipleship Council of the Church of Scotland has become the equivalent of a bestseller book with more than 3 000 advance sales.

Rev Dr Alister Bull and Rev Colin Sinclair Rev Dr Alister Bull and Rev Colin Sinclair reading Learn

Rev Dr Alister Bull, Mission and Discipleship Council Secretary, pictured with council convener, Rev Colin Sinclair, said: 'It is a fantastic achievement and does show the church's high commitment to learning and development. Learn Eldership has struck a chord in many parts of the church and that is exciting.'

Printed in partnership with the Church of Scotland's publishing arm, Saint Andrew Press, advance orders have soared with 1,000 copies bought in one week alone.

To meet demand, the print run has now been increased to almost 6,000 copies, a number which is especially high in the UK religious books market. Ann Crawford of Saint Andrew Press says 'Because these advance sales are not through booksellers, but will be after publication, these figures are nevertheless a bestseller in anyone's terms.'

Learn Eldership will be published in early March. It is available to pre-order at a discounted rate of £5.50 when purchased through the Church of Scotland.

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