Pay increase unlikely for Ministers in 2014 as Church promises salary review

The General Assembly of the Church of Scotland has reluctantly accepted that in the present financial climate there is unlikely to be much of a pay increase for ministers in 2014.

Convener of the Ministries Council the Rev Neil Dougall presented his Council’s latest report to the General Assembly today, Wednesday May 22, and said: “The Ministries Council remains concerned that stipends have continued to be almost static over the past four years, (six in a small number of cases) resulting in a significant erosion of their real value.

“It is seeking, together with the Council of Assembly to find ways of addressing this as soon as possible.”The report put before the General Assembly explained how the 1 per cent increase in budget given to the Council in 2013 would have resulted in a minimal increase spread over all Parish Ministers, as 70 per cent of them are already at the top of the stipend or pay scale.

During the year The Ministries Council reduced the stipend scale to five levels instead of the nine in use for the 2012 Church year.

This brought the pay scale in line with others operated in the Church and offered those at the lower end a more significant increase than would have been possible by spreading the additional budget across all ministers. The General Assembly agreed the report and noted the action being taken to address this matter.