New magazine for the ministry launched

A new magazine aimed at connecting, encouraging and inspiring everyone involved in the ministries of the Church of Scotland has been officially launched.

More than 1,000 copies of Ascend have been sent out to people, such as Parish Ministers, Deacons, Probationer Ministers and Military Chaplains, across the country.

The message at the heart of the lively publication is “Who you are matters” and represents a commitment from the Ministries Council to support people in ways that make a real difference to them, without additional burden, to help them flourish.

Ascend aims to encourage and inspire everyone involved in ministry

The colourful, 47-page magazine includes a wide range of news, thought provoking features, picture stories and essential information about pastoral support and exciting development opportunities.

Contributors include parish ministers from across Scotland - authentic voices that provide a realistic insight into their daily lives.

Rev Dr Alison Jack, Assistant Principal of New College in Edinburgh, has written an article titled Grace: From Lost to Found.

At the core is our sense of self and identity

Readers are encouraged to take inspiration from the idea of taking time to explore the core of who they are, what they are called to do and reconnect with God.

Rev Neil Glover, convener of the Ministries Council, said: “Ascend is our new central point to bring together services for support and development.

“The launch of our new magazine is to help connect and communicate more meaningfully with those in ministry.

“It brings together a range of voices from ministry – both reflecting on the challenges we face, and looking at different ways we can support one another.

“We truly believe that who you are matters and that we need to support, nurture and develop who we are to be all that we can be.”

Four editions of the free magazine will be initially published – one every quarter.

The Ministries Council is encouraging readers to provide feedback to establish whether it is a worthwhile resource.

The magazine, which takes inspiration for its title from Psalm 24, could be available in E-Reader format in the future.

Neil Glover
Rev Neil Glover