Former Moderator to deliver talk on healing ministry

A former Moderator will deliver a talk on the theme of "our Lord's healing ministry".

Very Rev Dr david Lunan
Very Rev Dr David Lunan

The Very Rev Dr David Lunan is the guest speaker for the annual Denis Duncan Lecture on 3 November at St George's Tron, Glasgow.

The event, entitled 'The Kingdom of God is Creation Healed', is organised by the Guild of Health & St Raphael, an organisation formed in the early 20th century to promote the ministry of healing.

Originally begun by religious groups and members of the medical profession, the Guild of Health & St Raphael works ecumenically across a broad range of church traditions.

Dr Lunan said: "Healing was central to our Lord's ministry but it's very much peripheral to our ministry today.

"I will try to look at why this may have happened, and what we might do about it.

"The lecture will cover different areas we should all be involved in if we're interested in healing, such as issues of poverty, lifestyle, the NHS, and counselling.

"But I will also want to re-assess the important role of prayer, forgiveness, and the sacraments, in the Church, and in our lives.

"I have come to think of the Church as God's agency for healing in the world, and that healing in the broadest, and deepest, sense should be at the heart of everything we do in the Church."

Rev Denis Duncan was a Church of Scotland minister, editor of the British Weekly, columnist and book publisher, who had a great interest in the ministry of healing.

Rev Norman Smith, Convener of the Mission & Discipleship Council, who are working with the Guild of Health and St Raphael and the Scottish Episcopal Church, to organise the lecture, said:

"One of the most profound experiences a person goes through when they encounter Christ is the healing of their relationship with God."

"That experience in turn leads the people of God to be healers to others.

"Over many years of ministry David has helped the people of God to better share how this healing can make a vital difference to a person's life.

"His journey and his experience have something to say to the breadth of the whole Church of Scotland."

The lecture takes place Friday 3 November 6.30pm - 9.00pm and is free but ticketed and will be live-streamed.

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