Church issues post-election call for prayerful reflection

The Church of Scotland is calling on people of faith to spend time in prayerful reflection at this moment of uncertainty following the General Election.

Rev Dr Richard Frazer
Rev Dr Richard Frazer, Convener of the Church and Society Council.

Rev Dr Richard Frazer, Convener of the Church and Society Council said:

“There is much to reflect upon following the election results. According to many sources we have seen record numbers of 18-25 year olds turning out to vote, while overall turnout was 68.7 percent.Young or old, it is good to see people engaging in the democratic process, a process that at its heart, is about discerning how we all might relate to one another both now and in the future.

“Yet, today is not a day of victory or defeat, but must be the beginning of the task of working together to represent the diverse views expressed by the electorate. There is now an opportunity for political leaders to listen to one another and to the voice of the electorate and recognise that consensus can only be arrived at by taking account of diverse views and not allowing one perspective to win out over others.

“Achieving that consensus requires us to make space for dissent and through respectful dialogue, genuine engagement and listening it is possible for our politicians to navigate a way forward that reflects the diversity of views of our people. Now is a time to set aside tribal politics and work for an inclusive and generous future for our nation. That will require both courage and grace on the part of those who have been elected to office and people of faith should offer prayer, practical support and a ministry of healing and reconciliation as a contribution to creating that better future.

“Across the country and across generations we are seeing very different views of what the future might look like. As Christians we are called to stand alongside those who are often marginalised by society. Those individuals who have been elected to represent us now hold the great responsibility of ensuring that they speak with and for those in need, those who are often ignored and left behind and to work for a society in which all might flourish.

“As the process of forming a government begins we would encourage prayer for a society in which everyone has enough, in which everyone is valued, and where God’s creation is cared for: A society which reflects God’s kingdom of goodness, peace and justice - life in all its fullness”.

The Church also joined with partner churches—Baptist Union, the Methodist Church and the United Reformed Church— to issue this prayer:

Lord of all

Amid the uncertainty of these results

We thank you for the democracy we have in this country.

We ask that you grant all those who have been elected the wisdom

and compassion needed to govern.

May this become a society in which all people are enabled to flourish and live life in all its fullness.

Help us to play our part in building that society,

By holding those elected to account and by working with them towards the common good.

And Lord, today as always we pray for justice;

Justice in the here and now and justice in our shared future-

Oceansof justice.