Taiwanese Moderator’s Message to Scotland

The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT) is observing how the Church of Scotland is promoting a message of harmony before and after the independence referendum.

A delegation from Taiwan, including Rev Lo Jen-Kuei the Moderator of the PCT General Assembly, is visiting the Church Offices in Edinburgh to learn about how the national church is bringing people together during the referendum campaign on a potential break from the UK.

The Taiwanese Moderator, Mr Lo, said: "From the beginning of the Bible we learn that the core of humanity is free will.

"We have free will to do what we do but with free will comes responsibility.

"Free will is what has taken you, Scotland, to where you are today with self-determination, but remember you have to balance the two."

In the 1970's the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan issued several statements on the future of Taiwan emphasising the importance and right of their country to self-determination. The Taiwanese delegation will be here to witness the poll, and the immediate reaction to the vote before they return home.

The Church of Scotland has a neutral position on the independence referendum.

It has called for respect and dignity on both sides of the argument to permeate throughout the process and is hosting a national reconciliation service at St Giles' Cathedral on Sunday. This will be open to the public. More details will be announced tomorrow.