Church’s strength highlighted on UK’s number one radio station

The Church of Scotland’s efforts in helping alleviate loneliness across society were highlighted on the UK’s most popular radio station yesterday as the Moderator of the General Assembly made a guest appearance on Radio Two’s Good Morning Sunday.

Rt Rev John Chalmers, chatting with presenter Clare Balding, described loneliness as “an epidemic throughout the country” before explaining how the Church of Scotland had a long tradition of opening its doors to those seeking a connection with others.

“For many, the only time people get out is when they go to church,” Mr Chalmers said.

“Churches are good at bringing people in.

“There are a substantial number of people who pass through the doors of a church throughout the week. It’s why I think the number of people in the pews on a Sunday is sometimes secondary.”

Mr Chalmers also aired his views, on a station which attracts over 15 million listeners a week, about how the Church of Scotland can resonate with those seeking spiritual wellbeing.

“I would love to see more people come to church but it’s not all about numbers,” he said.

“There are tens of thousands of people out there looking for an authentic spirituality, looking for purpose and meaning in their life and the church has something big to offer them.

“I’d love to see people come in and wrestle with the big questions.

“The parish church is there for the faithful and the forgetful. We’re there for everybody and we’re there when a real need in their life crops up.”

You can listen to the broadcast here ( (minute 39).