Church of Scotland mourns death of Margo MacDonald MSP

The Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, the Rt Rev Lorna Hood, has spoken of her sorrow at the passing of Margo MacDonald MSP.

She said: “We join with all of Scotland in sadness as we hear of the death of Margo MacDonald. She was a larger than life character who transcended party politics and was fervent in her beliefs about Scottish independence. She was also passionate in her very personal campaign regarding the right to a dignified death.

“Although we in the Church hold different views, we are grateful to her for bringing end of life issues into the public arena, particularly in our care for those nearing death.

“Margo was a guest at a dinner I hosted a few months ago on end of life issues. She was spirited and entertaining and spoke with great conviction about her beliefs. By the end of the evening, a palliative care consultant opposed to Margo's position said she'd realised their views weren't so far apart after all.

“Scotland is poorer for Margo's passing and our love, care and heartfelt prayers go to Jim and the family."