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Wednesday 7 January, 2015

The Church of Scotland has confirmed the final figures showing how Presbyteries voted on the overture on gay ordination.

Campaigners who back plans to legalise assisted suicide have produced a video aimed at tackling "misconceptions and misunderstandings"around proposed legislation. One of the campaigners is Church of Scotland minister Rev Scott McKenna

The position of the Church of Scotland is: The Church is closely involved in the pastoral care of people facing death and their families and its approach to end of life issues is rooted in that care and in the care and compassion of Jesus. In recent years, the General Assembly has:

*Encouraged discussion within the church on end of life issues;

*Strongly supported improved levels of palliative care; and

*Reaffirmed its view that "while the relief of suffering is an obligation, the artificial ending of human life is unacceptable".

(None of the above, of course, prevents Scott McKenna or another minister from coming to a different conclusion and expressing a different, personal, view)

In the context of the currently proposed legislation, we have expressed concern about the possibilities of abuse (no legislation can be100% safe), and the fact that once society has crossed the line which prohibits the taking of another human life, there will be no going back.

Tuesday 6 January, 2015

Two items of interest in the news today online about CrossReach and the Church of Scotland.

CrossReach the social care arm of the arm of the Church of Scotland has received £2,000 from the STV Appeal. The money has been allocated to the Children and Families service provided by CrosssReach, specifically Perth Prison Visitors Centre.

The Courier reports a plan to convert Kinfauns Church in Perthshire which was sold by the Church of Scotland in 1991 has been resurrected. For more than 20 years campaigners have fought to preserve the derelict site and graveyard.