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Friday 10 July, 2015

Rt Rev Angus Morrison was at BBC Radio Scotland studios early Friday to speak about the 20th anniversary of the Srebenica massacre on Good Morning Scotland.

Very Rev Dr Lorna Hood had already been in the studio to give the Thought for the Day. She also spoke about Srebrenica. . (1:22:20)

The Moderator went on to deliver the sermon at the Remembering Srebrenica Memorial service at St Giles Cathedral. Reporting on the memorial in advance were:

The Scotsman (print)

The Herald (paywall)

Today is the funeral for Jim and Ann McQuire among those killed in the terror attack in Tunisia. Abronhill Church in Cumbernauld will be holding the service at 2pm. The Scotsman and the Evening News carry the story today:

Thursday 9 July, 2015

Several papers report on plans to hold the funeral for church members Jim and Ann McQuire this Friday at Abronhill Church in Cumbernauld.

The Herald:

The Daily Record

The Scotsman (print July9)

Press and Journal (print July 9)

The Paisley Daily Express (print July 9) publishes a photo of Very Rev Dr Lorna Hood with the prime minister and reports that he presented her with a Points of Light award for her work with Remembering Srebrenica.

The Wishaw Press publishes Thought for the Week by Rev Graham Austin Cleland of St Mark's in Wishaw.The minister looks at the Book of Nehemiah and compares the plight of the Old Testament exiles to today's migrants. (print)

In The Times columnist Alex Massie says the Catholic Church is still at the centre of the national conversation on abortion.

The Moderator has been in Aberystwyth at the General Assembly of the Protestant Church of Wales this week. He will be preaching at the Remembering Srebrenica memorial service at St Giles Friday 10 July at 10:30 am.

Tuesday 7 July, 2015

Very Rev Dr Lorna Hood was honoured with a Points of Light award in a ceremony in Downing Street yesterday for her work with "Remembering Srebrenica."

This week is the 20th anniversary of the massacre and events are being held across Europe to remember the victims and to make sure the world learns the lessons of Srebrenica so potential future atrocities can be prevented. The Press Association distributed the story and it appears in most national and local papers including:

The Scotsman

The National

Arbroath Herald

Glasgow South and Eastwood Extra

Press and Journal

Rev Barry Dunsmore appeared on BBC Radio Scotland's Newsdrive July 6 to talk about his experience as a minister in Bermuda. (2:20:00)

Clive, a refugee from Zimbabwe has lived in Scotland, homeless and uncertain of his future, for the last seven years. The Church of Scotland is one of three non-profit groups which has helped him survive, he tells the Daily Record:

The funerals of Jim and Ann McQuire, two of the 38 people murdered in Tunisia last week, will be held at Abronhill Church in Cumbernauldon Friday July 10. The couple were members of the Abronhill Church of Scotland congregation and their loss has been a severe blow to the local community.

Monday 6 July, 2015

The Sunday Herald had a story about christenings and baptisms: "Naming ceremonies treble in a decade as more parents opt fornon-religious 'christenings'" The story included the number of ceremonies carried out last year by the Church of Scotland: 4,045; the Catholic Church: 8,039; and Humanist Society Scotland; 226 in 2014.

The Mail on Sunday (print) reported that the Church of Scotland is recruiting for a minister in Bermuda. Headlined "Wanted:Church of Scotland Minister (must have own Bermuda shirts and sunblockā€¦) the story quotes a former minister for Bermuda, Rev Barry Dunsmore.

Also reporting on the Bermuda vacancy:

The Daily Star (print);

The Press & Journal;

The Times

The Daily Record reports that the future of Cambuslang Old Parish Church is under discussion:

"The building, which fell out of use in the merger of the Old Parish, Trinity St Paul's and St Andrew's Churches to create Cambuslang Parish Church, has lain vacant for the past few years. But now, the Reformer can reveal initial talks are ongoing between local charity LEAP - the Lightburn Elderly Action Project - and the church, with a view to them using the sanctuary building."

The Daily Record also reports on the plight of Clive, a refugee from Zimbabwe, who said he relies on kindness of Church of Scotland members and homeless charities, The Marie Trust and Positive Action in Housing, to cope with his plight. (print)