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Tuesday 28 June, 2016

Eaglesham Church in Glasgow has opened a brand new youth hub thanks to a £5,000 donation from housebuilding firm Mactaggart & Mickel Group, the Glasgow Evening Times writes. The hub is part of the Carswell Centre and is now equipped with bean bags, a ping pong table and new furniture.

The sacrifice of two Edinburgh battalions which were among the hardest hit at the start of the Battle of the Somme will be remembered at services in Edinburgh and France on Friday. The St Cuthbert’s service is being organised by the McCrae’s Battalion Trust and will be led by Army Padres. Anybody who wishes to come to the service is welcome to attend.

A Scottish LGBTI news site has welcomed Pope Francis's statement that “I repeat what the catechism says: that they (LGBT people) must not be discriminated against, that they must be respected and accompanied pastorally.” The article on goes on to praise the inclusiveness of church organisations within Scotland, including the Church of Scotland.

Finally, the grandson of a retired Church of Scotland employee, has invented a shopping trolley to help older people with their shopping. 13 year-old Aidan McCann was inspired to come up with the innovative design after realising his grandmother Mrs Lydia Webster, a former care-worker, was struggling to lift her shopping. The trolley design Aidan came up with features an adjustable height so that elderly shoppers can reduce the amount of lifting that is involved. The invention was entered into the Scottish Engineering Special Leaders Award in 2015 where it won the overall prize and has now been built by students at Strathclyde University.

The article appears in theDaily Mail, Mature Times and the Mirror.

Monday 27 June, 2016

Many news outlets have featured opinions and comments from the Church of Scotland due to the church's prominent remain stance:

In today's edition of The Scotsman Lesley Riddoch cites discussions between the Church of Scotland and Islamic Finance Council to create an international centre for ethical banking in Edinburgh as evidence that Scotland could become an attractive option for investors looking for stability following the referendum.

The Rev Dr Richard Frazer, Convenor of the Church and Society Council, appeared on BBC Radio Wales yesterday on 'All Things Considered' for a 30 minute panel discussion with other church figures from across the UK to discuss the referendum from a faith perspective.

On Facebook the Rev Dr Richard Frazer's statement following the referendum has so far reached over 26,000 people.

Dr Frazer also appeared on yesterday's BBC Radio Scotland Good Morning Sunday (22"30'). Elsewhere he was quoted in Saturday's Daily Telegraph, stating it had been a "bitter and polarising campaign".

The Rev Ewen MacLean, who is based in Gibraltar, spoke on BBC Radio Scotland's Newsdrive on how the referendum result could effect those in his parish (48"30')

Brian Taylor writes on the BBC website about whether the Scottish Parliament can affect the outcome of the EU referendum. The article ends by quoting from the prayer issued by the Rt Rev Dr Russell Barr to "free us from all bitterness and recrimination".

Moving away from the referendum, the Rev Dr Derek Browning is quoted congratulating the Presbyterian Church of the USA in an article on their website. He has been visiting the church's General Assembly, where they have just elected their first African-American Stated Clerk (the equivalent position to the Church of Scotland Moderator).

Friday 17 June, 2016

More than 50 media titles including four radio stations – BBC, Clyde, Forth and Northsound, have carried stories about the Rev Dr Richard Frazer, convener of the Church and Society Council of the Church of Scotland, who set out why he supports a recent General Assembly decision to say Britain should remain part of the European Union.

Last month the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland reaffirmed its support for the European Union - a position it has held for 20 years on the grounds of promoting peace and security alongside its ability to address issues of global injustice such as migration and climate change.

It is for each individual to decide how they are going to vote, however.

The story picked up by the media, including the Herald, Scotsman, Press and Journal, Daily Record, Courier, Church Times and Falkirk Herald states: "The European Union (EU) is "not perfect" but has replaced "bombs with bureaucrats" and voting to leave would be a denial of Britain's global humanitarian and moral values, according to a leading churchman.

The Rev Dr Richard Frazer, convener of the Church and Society Council of the Church of Scotland, accused Leave campaigners who claim Brexit will solve the "immigration catastrophe" and erosion of sovereignty in Europe of "playing a dangerous game".

BBC Radio Scotland's report can be listened to here.

The Herald has published an article about a Church of Scotland minister who has urged people to show compassion for the man behind a shooting spree in a gay night club in Florida.

The Press and Journal has published an article about plans to build Scotland's first community school which will be in the Highlands. The steering group is chaired by a Church of Scotland minister.

The Herald has published an article about a row over the timing of releasing a statement about a General Assembly decision on same-sex clergy so close to the Orlando shooting.

The Glasgow Evening Times has published an article about Glasgow Cathedral elder Hazel Ralston who was made an MBE for services to education and the development of young people.

The Herald also published the story.

The Press and Journal has published an article about the appointment of Ella Gill as the Presbytery of Lochaber's new Moderator (print only)

The Glasgow Evening Times has published an article about a 101 year old man who has been playing bowls practically all his life. Carntyne Parish Church in Glasgow is where George Mulveney practices.

The Courier has published an article about a £40,000 grant that has been awarded to help fund a restoration project at St Athernase Church in Leuchars, Fife. Minister the Rev John Duncan said: "It is wonderful news that the National Churches Trust is to give us such a generous grant and we are pleased that it also acknowledges the importance of St Athernase Church at a local and national level. (print only but the story can be read on the Church's website)

Monday 13 June, 2016

The Edinburgh Evening News has published an article that notes that the Rev Professor David Fergusson, principal of New College in Edinburgh, has been made an OBE in the Queen's Birthday honours list.

The Press and Journal published an article which featured retired minister the Rev John Murdo Smith who has been given a British Empire Medal for services to the communities of North and South Uist.

 The Daily Record has published an article about the funeral of tragic schoolgirl Kiera Beagle who collapsed and died at school in Shotts. Her funeral was held at Calderhead Parish Church and conducted by the Rev Allan Brown. (print only)

The Sunday Mail has published an article about the appointment of the Rev Dr Martin Scott as Secretary of the Council of Assembly and his wife the Rev Jayne Scott as Secretary of the Ministries Council. Dr Sally Bonnar, Convener of the Council of Assembly, Church of Scotland "In Scotland it is not uncommon to find in the same organisation  brothers, sisters, daughters, husbands and wives. There are many high profile examples of this in for example the law, medicine, the civil service, the Foreign Office and Scottish politics.  Rev Jayne Scott was appointed as Secretary to the Church of Scotland's Ministries Council  following a rigorous 6 part recruitment process held over two days in which she was the outstanding candidate. She is both a minister and an experienced manager with an MBA qualification. Rev Dr Martin Scott played no part in the recruitment process. This matter was discussed fully and in public during last month's General Assembly, and received its clear approval."

Deadline News has published a story which claims that Edinburgh City Council have been slated for "treating motorists like a cash cow" after voting to bring in Sunday parking charges. The decision affects churches in the city centre.

The Deeside Piper has carried an article about a group of Gypsy Travellers who have set up home on land owned by the Church of Scotland in Aberdeenshire.

 The Lochaber News has published an article about a Presbytery appointing its first ever female Moderator.

The Press and Journal has published an article in which former Scottish Secretary Lord Michael Forsyth claims that leaving the EU would be beneficial to Scotland's fishermen. The remarks were made at a debate held at St Columba's Church in London last week. (print only)

The Herald has published an article in which the UN condemns Scotland for not outlawing the smacking of children. The article notes that the General Assembly voted in favour of abolishing justified assault in Scots law, however. (print only)