Our Church

Our Church is an opportunity for congregations up and down Scotland and beyond to share their challenges, successes and history. If you're interested in telling us a bit about your church community then we would love to hear from you.

Martin's Memorial Church from the outside

Our Church: Martin's Memorial Church - breaking barriers

5 January, 2018

In this month's Our Church we hear from Martin's Memorial Church, Stornoway, on the Isle of Lewis, and find out how over the last decade they have worked hard to build young people's involvement with the church.

St Columba's Church and the a view of Jersey

Our Church: St Columba's Church in Jersey - Welcome to outsiders

4 September, 2017

Jersey is a small island - nine by five miles - but with around five hundred miles of roads it feels bigger. Around 100,000 people living here, of which approximately 5,000 are Scots - but it feels bigger. Not for nothing do people call this place the "Channel Highlands." However, Scots are far from the largest minority on the island. There are, for example, around 10,000 Portugese.

Young children and parents sat in a circle

Our Church: Mid Deeside Church - Entering a new phase

31 July, 2017

A thoughtful snapshot of Mid Deeside Church, a semi-rural parish, looking back at some of the successes and challenges of the last few years and to the future when their current minister, Rev Alexander Wark, retires.

Artwork made by the children at Granton Parish Church

Our Church: From Kings to Croissants

4 May, 2017

Rev Norman Smith and Chas Macintosh share their knowledge of Granton Parish Church and tell us how croissants and coffee are helping people open up about their faith.

The congregation outside on a sunny day

Our Church: Halfway to Heaven - Flemington Hallside Church

3 April, 2017

Rev Neil Glover provides a snapshot of Flemington Hallside Church. From a traditional family church Flemington Hallside is rising to the challenge of our times by sending modern-day disciples into its community with a mission of Christian love.

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