Medical elective placement

If you're considering spending your medical elective period in another country, we would warmly encourage you to try and arrange some experience in a developing country as part of your medical training, as it will provide invaluable experience for your career in medicine wherever and in whichever specialty you choose to work.

The list of hospitals at the side gives the names and addresses of the Medical Superintendents and a very brief note about the staff and work of the hospitals. These are places where the Church of Scotland has, or has had, staff working.

You should make your application direct to the Medical Superintendent of the relevant hospital and not through the Church of Scotland offices.

However, if you are a member of the Church of Scotland, or indeed of any other Church, it would be worthwhile stating this clearly in your CV when you make your application to these hospitals.

Before going abroad you should try to read up as much as you can on the medical situation in the developing country you are interested in, together with some of the political and economic background of the country to which you are going. If you are considering longer-term service abroad after completing your training then a medical elective period should provide very useful experience.

We are not able in the Church of Scotland to give grants towards medical electives outside of Scotland itself, but the Christian Medical Fellowship in London is a good source of information for grants and you may find help with funding for your elective there. Additionally Global Connections also give grants to those who live south of the border. You can visit their websites at these links: