If you would like to volunteer your time and talents to the Church of Scotland, here are some of the ways you can do it. You can also help out in your local community, by contacting your local minister.

If you are aged 18 - 25 and interested in spending a year serving in a parish and community on a voluntary basis, whilst exploring whether or not you are called to some sort of further service in the church, then Volunteering Vocations is for you! Volunteering Vocations is a new gap year scheme for young people, where volunteers will live in community in shared accommodation, participating in a wide range of work in a congregation or project while growing their faith in a supported and reflective environment. Volunteers will be matched to a placement, and could serve in one of various locations in Scotland.

Have a look at our information booklet, below, and if you are would like to volunteer with us, or would like further information, let us know by contacting Heather at vocation@churchofscotland.org.uk.

An overview of the scheme and an application form are available here:

Closing date for applications is 29 April 2017


CrossReach is the Social Care Council of the Church, and there are several ways you can help the council to provide essential social care services. Our Christian ethos statement is at the heart of our organisation making a positive difference to the work we do:

Our motivation is rooted in our relationship with and faith in Jesus Christ. As recipients of His unconditional love and grace we desire to serve others in His name. His example is our model for all that we are and do. We strive to reflect Him as an organisation, in the services we offer and in our relationships with each other.

To find out more about CrossReach, visit their website at www.crossreach.org.uk

World Mission

There are many ways you can get involved in making a difference globally with the World Mission Council. These include:

  • making your voice heard in one of our campaigns for fairtrade and an end to poverty;
  • encouraging your class, congregation or office involved in stamp recycling;
  • developing relationships with other people in the world through our world church partnerships; and
  • committing to one of the many exciting projects run by our partner churches

These agencies also send mission partners and volunteers abroad:

If you are doing medical training and considering spending your medical elective period in another country, you can find out more here about how to arrange this.