Communication resources

Why is the media important?

  • Good news stories give third party endorsement to our message and help to raise the profile of the Church or challenge preconceptions.
  • Most congregations have access to at least one local newspaper and/or local radio station and should be in touch with them.

What makes a good news story?

Learn more about securing positive news coverage.

News releases

The simplest and most widely used method of communicating a story to the media is writing a press or news release.

What to do if the media contacts you

  • Be polite and take their name and number
  • Say you will call back as soon as possible
  • Contact the Church Communications Team
  • Never say “no comment” - it's best not to reject our right of reply
  • Do not speak to journalists 'off the record' - anything that is said to a journalist could end up in print
  • If you are asked to be a spokesperson for the Church, the General Assembly has agreed these guidelines


A good photo can make or break a story.

Social media

Social media is a great way to build a sense of community and help people stay up to date with news.

More help

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