Vision Consultation

The 2013 General Assembly, following an Overture from the Presbytery of Lothian, agreed to alter section 2 of the Panel’s remit to read:

Through such interaction, consultation and discussion with congregations, Presbyteries, Councils and Agencies of the Church as may be decided upon by the Panel, formulate and bring before successive General Assemblies:

  • A clear statement of the long-term vision of the Church, and
  • Paths and developments which might be followed by congregations, Presbyteries,Councils and Agencies of the Church to make such a vision a reality[1]

As a first step towards fulfilling this part of the remit, the Panel organized 19 consultations in November and December 2013, geographically spread across Scotland. Each consultation lasted two hours and over 700 attended from 250 congregations with a small number of non-Church members responding to the open invitation to attend.

At the consultations, those who attended were encouraged to consider how the Church of Scotland might be shaped as it faces the challenge of finding itself increasingly marginalised in today’s society.

Over the next two years, the Panel will continue to take forward the considerable amount that remains to be done on vision casting and discerning paths for development.

Throughout, the Panel is committed to ensuring good communication with local congregations offering them opportunities to provide input to the process. The Panel will also seek a means of developing partnership with other Councils, Committees and Presbyteries.

The Panel on Review and Reform of the Church of Scotland are consulting individuals within churches on the future shape of the Church. A series of consultations were held across Scotland in late 2013 and this video is a summary of the presentation made at these consultations.

The Panel are now looking for more people to give their views on what they feel the future shape of the Church of Scotland should be. After watching the video, the panel invite you to complete our online survey with your thoughts. The survey can be found at

You can also email any responses that you might have to Thank you for taking the time to watch the video and help in shaping the future of the Church of Scotland.